I Have Views

I'm a kiwi gamer. I go by the handle 'chiQ'. I have some pretty daft views, but some of them might be worthy of your attention. I've started this blog because of these views, and their lack of outlet. I post news that might be of interest to NZ gamers at www.nzgames.com, but only if it's not on every other games news site on the planet. I also post my random blurts at blurt.chiq.net, but they're on a broad range of subjects. What I don't publish (until now) are my views about video games-related issues, news, and ... stuff.

That's what this is for. I'll post my opinions of games, and no doubt my opinions of games issues. For the most part it will be very chiQ-centric and personal, so if you don't care what I think don't bother bookmarking this.

If you are interested then you're either daft or you have experienced my me-ness before, and liked it. Either way I wish you the best of luck in life. Your judgement may be a bit out of whack, but at least you're interested in something!

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